The Alien Movie Project is a podcast that examines the narrative and affective politics of alien movies. And sometimes we talk about plaid.


The couple that nerds together, stays together.

AMP is hosted by Kate and Aaron Donaldson.

Bad jokes, beautiful pictures. Kate is a photographer, writer and occasional curator who typically spends early mornings piloting a large black labrador named Jupiter along local running trails.

Dr. Aaron Donaldson is a Communication Studies lecturer at Humboldt State University with an emphasis in Mass Media and Debate. Aaron's research interests include the intersections of perception and argumentation, ethics, and the affective and narrative politics of mass media platforms including alien stories, podcasts, and games. A long-time debate coach and musician, Aaron can be found judging debates or swatting at a banjo in campuses and bars around the Pacific Northwest when he isn't hiding in the woods of Montana.

Our current producer is the extraordinary (yet entirely terrestrial) Alex "Biggs" Small. The incomparable Matt Campbell produced Season One. We love them almost more than burritos and caramel cheese popcorn.